Logistics Manager / Engineer

Job Description:      

Oversees a variety of logistics functions, which include warehouse and distribution operations, forecasting, planning, logistics systems, customer service and purchasing. Manages logistics personnel. Directs daily operations. Coordinates third party relationships with logistics suppliers and other members of the supply chain.

Related Positions:

Manager of Physical Distribution/Transportation/Customer Service, Director of Logistics

Key Duties:

  • Directs personnel in performing day-to-day logistics operations
  • Oversees teams that analyze strategic and tactical processes and costs
  • Negotiates with suppliers, partners and customers for services
  • Manages order fulfillment process from order taking through delivery
  • Ensures continuous process improvement and high quality services

Required Skills:

Leadership and teamwork skills; strong written and verbal skills; technical skills including computers, quality programs, and logistics metrics; analytical/cost sills; negotiation skills.


Salaries vary greatly with the level of responsibility for Logistics Managers. The average salary for an Executive Logistics Manager is $89,900. Mid-level Logistics Manager positions average $58,800.

Career Path:

Most logistics career paths eventually lead to a Logistics Manager position. Normally, it will take from five to seven years to become a mid-level Logistics Manager. Fifteen or more years is realistic to reach the executive level in larger companies.


"This is one of the most exciting careers you can have. It is much like running a medium size company. You are involved with personnel, trucks, real estate, and inventory!!"

"You have to be enthusiastic about change to be successful. Everyday, I have no idea what will be on my phone's voice mail. You have to be a problem solver.""It is absolutely vital to ensure that our logistics quality is as high as the product's quality and we are invisible to the customer."

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From the article "How Did You Do?" by Lynn Brenner; Published April 15, 2007 in Parade Magazine. The article cites sources as: Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., with data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and industry sources