Logistics Service Salesperson

Job Description:     

Sells transportation, warehousing, and specialized services to other companies. Develops business relationships with potential and existing customers. Identifies potential contract logistics services that would benefit client companies. Integrates logistics systems, computer systems, and capacity to satisfy customer needs.

Related Positions:

Account Executive/Representative/Manager, Sales Manager, Customer Service Agent, Transportation Broker

Key Duties:           

  • Negotiates prices and services with customers
  • Provides solutions to client logistics and transportation needs
  • Sells equipment, software, and services to meet buyer requirements
  • Educates potential customers on the benefits of various logistics solutions
  • Coordinates various companies to ensure high levels of customer service

Required Skills:

Presentation skills; written and verbal communication skills; ability to listen to people; reasoning and problem solving capacity; negotiation skills; specialized knowledge of specific products/services; willingness to travel.


An entry-level salesperson may earn near the low end of the salary range of $25,000. An experienced Logistics Services Salesperson can earn well over $100,000. The average salesperson earns $73,648.

Career Path:

This job is often an entry-level position after college. Many operations people move into sales to broaden their understanding of logistics after gaining two to three years of experience. Success in this position may lead a person to Sales Management or a move into operations as a Logistics Manager.


"You have to be able to observe, ask questions and make suggestions."

"The best thing about my job is the fact that it touches just about every department within a company. You get a chance to interact with marketing, finance, operations, etc. It helps you to better understand the entire business.""Because there is some travel, it is especially important to have family commitments and maintain a balance in life."