Logistics Software Manager

Job Description:     

Manages components of distribution technology including warehouse operations systems, electronic order taking/communication systems, and support systems. Designs analytical tools to increase and measure productivity. Develops decision support systems to analyze and optimize logistics and transportation systems.

Related Positions:

Computer Information Systems Manager, Systems Coordinator

Key Duties:           

  • Incorporates software solutions into warehouses and vehicles
  • Integrates logistics software information into corporate databases
  • Assists in communicating with -all members of the supply chain
  • Provides computer system support to users
  • Evaluates potential computer solutions for purchase and implementation

Required Skills:

Must have extremely good technical/computer skills and knowledge; understanding of logistics operations including warehousing functions, statistical process control and other TQM techniques; problem solving skills; ability to manage people.


Salary data was limited on this position. However, the few responses ranged from approximately $35,000 to well over $100,000.

Career Path.

This job title has a variety of career paths. About 1/3 of the respondents were NIIS/CIS majors that moved into their positions directly out of college. The remaining individuals moved from midlevel logistics management positions to the software manager position.


"The advantage to this job is being able to stay ahead of the curve in technology. It allows us to help our company remain world class."

"There is a small group of logistics software specialists and the market is overloaded with work. Even an independent systems solution person has more job opportunities than you can imagine."

"This job lets us work with the newest, latest technologies such as the Internet and electronic commerce. It is a challenge to exchange information with our business partners and customers. It is fun!!"