Materials Manager

Job Description:

Manages raw materials and/or components inventory needed for manufacturing. Responsible for in-bound inventory levels. Coordinates with purchasing, manufacturing, and suppliers to ensure reliable, cost efficient delivery of the raw materials to create a production plan. Often responsible for receiving, warehousing, scheduling, and in-bound transportation.

Related Positions:

Materials Planner, Materials Analyst, Director of Materials

Key Duties:

  • Forecasts needs based on historical data
  • Employs Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Directs in-bound raw materials and components
  • Manages in-bound inventory levels, turns, and costs
  • Supplies manufacturing needs often in a Just-In-Time environment

Required Skills:

Trade-off analysis between costs, measurement tools, and manufacturing's needs; interpersonal skills; analytical forecasting tools; ability to employ MRP and JIT planning; ability to manage detailed projects; computer skills.


Materials Managers salaries range from $40,000 to $80,000 based on company size, responsibilities, and required experience. On average, Materials Managers earn $5 6,3 7 1.

Career Path:             

Entry-level management positions may require four to six years as a Materials Planner or Analyst. Success as a Materials Manager leads to Logistics Manager or Production Operations Manager.


"This job is a great opportunity; It gives you a wide range of situations that encompass everything from dealing directly with people to providing analysis for strategic and tactical decisions."

"My position is very rewarding with lots of opportunity and growth. Every company is always going to move product in and out. This means you have high visibility and a direct impact to profit and loss.""My job is different everyday. There are always new challenges, new ways to do things, new processes to try."