Purchasing Manager

Job Description:     

Directs the buying activities for a company, government agency, or organization. Responsible for identifying suppliers, selecting vendors, arranging contracts, and managing relationships. Coordinates with materials management and manufacturing to ensure delivery of the proper materials. Provides analysis to increase levels of service at reduced costs.

Related Positions:      

Acquisitions Manager, Buyer, Purchasing Specialist

Key Duties:          

  • Requests and evaluates bids for parts and services
  • Negotiates agreements with possible vendors
  • Manages and monitors contracts with existing suppliers
  • Coordinates other supply functions within the company
  • Oversees supplier certification programs

Required Skills:          

Negotiation skills; cost analysis; ability to read, understand, and help write legally binding contracts; written communications skills; proficiency with spreadsheets; confidence in yourself-, ability to react to change.


Buyer                                       Range: $30,800-$46,800              Midpoint: $38,900

Lead Buyer/Manager                Range: $44,400-$65,900              Midpoint: $54,800

Top Purchasing Executive         Range: $68,900-$105,000            Midpoint: $86,100

Career Path:            

Entry-level Purchasing Managers typically have three to five years as an Expediter or Buyer. Success as a Purchasing Manager may lead to employment as a Logistics Manager or Materials Manager.


"It is still you versus them. You are trying to get better rates and higher levels of service from your vendors."

"It is never boring. It gets to the point, I am almost afraid to open my door. There can be a lot of stress because it can get wild. You have to be quick on your feet. The good news is that people know you're here."Some times you have to be a vendor defender. Often it is our company's fault. We don't properly request an item."