Systems Support Manager

Job Description:     

Provides analytical support in the management of logistics information planning and processes. Oversees the design, development and implementation of data gathering and reporting methods and procedures. Functions as the technical coordinator and internal consultant regarding the needs and requirements of data processing. Provide technology solutions to resolve user problems.

Related Positions:      

Management Systems Specialist, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Director Corporate Information, Director Information Technology

Key Duties:

  • Establish appropriate systems methods, through project planning, analysis,    'and program development and execution to achieve effective solutions.

  • Develop and maintain quality documentation for systems and programs.

  • Install software systems and hardware architecture.

  • Supervise team of programmer/analysts supporting logistics systems.

Required Skills:

Working knowledge of multiple computer programming languages, systems analysis & design, database design, and hardware; effective project management: detailed project plans, objectives, control methods, and coordination of project team efforts; strong design, code and test skills; knowledge of all aspects of physical product distribution; ability to communicate in public; good people skills.

Salary Data: 

Entry-level MIS candidates with four year degrees in information systems or computer science with coursework in logistics can expect starting salaries that average $36,500. Experienced systems analysts salaries range from $50,900- $92,300. $68,500 is the average for MIS Managers and Systems Directors.

Career Path:

Programmers and systems analysts may advance to senior or lead systems analyst, or project management positions in larger organizations. Leadership ability is needed for managerial positions. Possible advancement opportunities include Vice President for Information Systems or work as a Consultant.


"I had experience with a lot of computer languages before I took this job, which has been helpful in creating my company's proprietary programs."

"This is a challenging and ever-changing area of logistics. There's never a dull moment in my job. I find it very rewarding.""If I had the time, I would learn more about transportation modeling software."