Transportation Manager

Job Description:      

Directs the effectiveness of private, third party and contract carriage systems. Manages staff and operations to assure timely and cost efficient transportation of all incoming and outgoing shipments. Plans and assures adequate equipment for storage, loading and delivery of goods. Responsible for scheduling, routing, budget administration, freight bill presentation, and contract negotiations

Related Positions:        

Manager of Hub Operations, Transportation Coordinator, Traffic Manager

Key Duties:

  • Ensure that operations are conducted safely and within the law.
  • Manage fleet and drivers.
  • Solicit, evaluate, and analyze contractual bids.
  • Negotiate and administer dedicated carrier agreements.
  • Budget and control expenses.
  • Determine economical traffic patterns - specify routes.

Required Skills:            

Working knowledge of carrier operation, shipment routing and distribution methods; experience in industrial transportation operation, consolidator systems and techniques; must have understanding of the complexities. of legislation: DOT, state, federal and ICC regulations; ability to formulate and implement contracts; expected to understand costing, performance measurement and inventory control; ability to work under pressure; strong management and computer skills.


Dispatcher                                Range: $28,200-$42,500               Midpoint: $35,400

Fleet Manager                          Range: $40,300-$59,300               Midpoint: $50,400

Transportation Manager            Range: $47,000-$73,700               Midpoint: $60,100

Career Path:             

Directors of Transportation usually have seven or more years of experience as Fleet Managers, Distribution Center Supervisors, or Logistics Analysts. Following work as a Director of Transportation, one may pursue a future as a Vice President of Logistics or a Corporate Transportation Manager.


"This is a demanding field, which requires a good mix of education - you need to know about everything from computers to managing people."

"You can see tangible results each day""In a job where you work long hours, you have to like and want to work with people."