Vendor Managed Inventory/Quick Response Manager

Job Description:    

VMI Coordinators utilize sales activity information and product demand history to generate forecasts, make adjustments, and plan for inventory replenishment via standard electronic data interchange (EDI) documents. A VMI manager facilitates activities such as adjusting the production cycle to meet customer inventory needs (and increase product sales), which in turn improves cash flow, reduces customer returns and refusals, and improves customer service.

Related Positions:       

Vendor Relation/Quick Response Manager, Manager Quick Response and Vendor Compliance, Manager Finished Product Inventory and Warehousing

Key Duties:

Develop policies and procedures for standardized upc codes, price files, and inventory levels with customers.

Serve as liaison between merchandising, vendors, and operational areas. T Develop demand forecasting based on promotions, replenishment needs and transportation costs.

May be responsible for inventory management within the customer's environment.

Required Skills:          

VMI Managers must be trusted by the customer, therefore this field requires a team player who enjoys collaboration and logistics strategy; knowledge in areas such as planning, purchasing, freight management, accounts payable and/or storage are needed; strong presentation and meeting facilitation skills required; problem solving, forecasting, manufacturing and sales knowledge are necessary; good computer systems skills necessary for EDI transfer.


This is a relatively new career, title within the industry. Little data is currently available regarding salaries for VMI Managers. Entry-level salaries start at about  $30,000. Experienced candidates earn salaries ranging from $40,000 to $ 1 00,000.

Career Path:            

Previous work experience in EDI administration, inventory, or purchasing can lead to opportunities in VMI. Success within Vendor Managed Inventory can lead to opportunities as Logistics, Supply Chain, or Vendor Relations Managers.


"I have a lot of responsibility. I set up new vendors on our VMI program - from approving them, to implementing the program, and monitoring their inventory."

"I know I am working in a cutting-edge area of this industry. It's exciting to know that I am one of the pioneers in this new way of doing business!"