Anton Svensson

The university makes it so easy to branch out and find your place.

Some of the students that come to UW-Superior are here because they know exactly what they want to do. Anton Svensson came all the way from Sweden for one very important reason – hockey. 

“I’ve been playing hockey since I was five, and I wasn’t ready to give it up. I had to play hockey,” said Anton. “Being on the hockey team really helped me adapt to living in Superior. They’re my family away from family.” 
Anton was the only student from Sweden when he arrived as a freshman. Not being very familiar with English, the smaller size of UW-Superior also helped him adapt. 
“If I didn’t understand, I could always talk to my instructors and other students. Everyone is so supportive, friendly and involved,” he said. “The community and alumni support of the university and athletic teams is just amazing.” 
The involved community gave Anton motivation to join the golf team as well and even declare a double major. 
“I’m a logical, people person, so the Business classes for Marketing and Management concentrations were a great fit for me,” said Anton. “The Business Administration program is very helpful for preparing you to understand a wide array of knowledge, and this gives you more career possibilities.” 
The real-world experience has also given Anton a look into what he might do after graduation, but at the moment, he still has hockey on the brain. He’s good too – making top points on the team two years in a row. 
“Coming to UW-Superior and playing hockey as a Yellowjacket is the best decision I have ever made. It’s so much fun to experience with a great community that creates great chemistry,” said Anton. “The university makes it so easy to branch out, find your place and focus on being as good as you can be.”
Anton looks forward to playing hockey again next year and a fresh start. The whole team is excited to work with him. They have a bright future, and they’re looking to keep competitive, but have fun. 
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