Eric Dolsen

The VNSC has helped me since day one. They helped me enroll, apply for my GI Bill® and access resources.

What drew you to UW-Superior?

"I previously attended UW-Superior back in 2008 before I joined the military. Superior is my hometown and I knew when I separated from the Air Force I wanted to come home. I was looking at other colleges, but UW-Superior reached out to me to make me feel welcomed. They helped me reintegrate into civilian and academic life. Being a non-traditional/veteran student isn’t easy, but UW-Superior with the help of their VNSC gave me confidence and reassurance that this is the place where I need to be. A place of acceptance and understanding. UW-Superior made me feel like I was more than just a number or pay check for the university, but rather a student whose academic career and growth meant something to them. Not to mention the small personal class sizes UW-Superior has to offer. The outstanding faculty and staff that go out of their way to help you succeed in and out of the class room. There are so many reason why I chose UW-Superior, but mostly it’s because I feel at home here."

How does being a veteran or a nontraditional student affect your progress toward a college degree?

"Being a nontraditional/veteran student has its positives and negatives. I bring a lot of world experience with me to the classroom and am able to apply that knowledge or experience within my academics on a daily basis. This can be an advantage, but a disadvantage too because it sets me apart from many of my classmates so it’s hard to communicate with them. Communication is the number one barrier that’s hard to break being a non-traditional/veteran student, because you are different than most of your peers in class. You also have priorities that differ from many of your peers too which can make your academic life very stressful. For me I have lots of family responsibilities and I live on a large farm. That farm is a source of income for my family and it can take precedence over my academics occasionally. Having to convey that I may need extra time on an assignment due to unforeseen events on my farm can be troublesome because I don’t want any special treatment. Many professors are willing to work with you though as long as you’re willing to reach out which is more than I could ask for because they understand your difference in priorities as a non-traditional/veteran student."

How has the VNSC assisted you in adjusting to life on campus?

"The VNSC has helped me since day one. They helped me get enrolled, apply for my GI Bill®, access resources, tell me who to contact and when. They have helped me through the academic year by providing a quiet place to study along with helping me reintegrate into civilian life. They’ve provided guidance and counseling whenever I’ve needed it. Additionally, they’ve provided a place where I can communicate with people who are experiencing the same transitions into academic life."