Jenny Apriesnig

I’m proud to be from UW-Superior. It’s actually a dream of mine to come back to UW-Superior and teach.

Finding the right fit as a first generation college student can take some time. Luckily for Jenny Apriesnig, transferring to UW-Superior meant being a part of the real world. 
“Going to a private school didn’t feel right for me, so I decided to come to UW-Superior,” she said. “I knew I would still be getting a good education, but in a smaller place where I could actually connect with others.” 
Jenny was able to work full-time while going to UW-Superior. That flexibility was something she greatly appreciated, along with the great student support the campus provided to her. 
“I was a part of the Upward Bound Program in high school, and that’s how I learned about the McNair Scholars Program,” Jenny said. “I knew I wanted to continue my education, and this was my connection to get into grad school.” 
Jenny’s time with McNair provided her with crucial research experience. She joined up with one of her favorite Economics instructors, Robert Beam, to study the benefit of daycare on campus. 
“The experience was great. Being able to do that research was so empowering,” she said. “McNair was so helpful for guiding me and showing me that I could actually go to grad school. It was a real opportunity for me.” 
McNair also provided Jenny with crucial information. As a first first-generation college student, she didn’t know where to begin when it came to graduate school. 
“Touring the different campuses, being able to talk to professors and getting a feeling of what I could expect at grad school was so important,” Jenny said. “We had the guidance but freedom to discover what was best for us in this program.” 
Thanks to the help of UW-Superior and McNair, Jenny went on to the University of Wyoming to get her master’s degree in economics. She is currently working on a Ph.D. in agricultural and resource and economics at Colorado State University. Though she’s gone to great places, Jenny doesn’t forget how she got there. 
“I value and appreciate everything McNair did for me. I’m proud to be from UW-Superior,” Jenny said. “It’s actually a dream of mine to come back to UW-Superior and teach.” 
With coming back home to the Twin Ports and UW-Superior in mind for Jenny, she’s focused her research on fisheries management issues, invasive species, and the shipping industry in the Great Lakes. 
The McNair Scholars Program works with low-income, minority and first generation undergraduate students, encouraging them to consider careers in college teaching and to prepare them for doctoral study. Contact the McNair Scholars Program to get more information about how they can help you attain your goal of going to graduate school.