John Bergstrom

I just really like this school overall. Here you’re so close with others. Living in the residence halls really helped that.

For some UW-Superior students, they come to study here for one reason and end up staying for another. John Bergstrom left Sweden to play for the Yellowjacket Men’s Hockey team.

“Unfortunately, I got injured my first semester, and I couldn’t play anymore,” John said. “But I knew I came to a good place and a good school. The small classes were what I needed, so I didn’t need to transfer.”

John looked to focusing on his academics. He was an International Business major from the beginning, and he knew it was a great choice for him.

“I started to look into adding another major my sophomore year,” he said. “I looked into other majors within the School of Business because I liked the classes and instructors so much.”

John came around to declaring his second major in Transportation and Logistics Management, a program that pairs well with International Business.

“I’m really impressed with the program. There are so many opportunities,” said John. “The instructors are great too, and I’m glad I joined the Transportation and Logistics Management program.”

To get even more out of his second major and make new connections, John recently joined the Transportation and Logistics Club.

“It’s a great group of people. There’s a different mentality here,” he said. “Everyone wants to be successful, and no one is ashamed of going after their dreams. They’re not shy at all, and it’s motivated me to do the same.”

Outside of his majors, John makes a point to interact with the rest of the campus community as well.

“I just really like this school overall. Here you’re so close with others. Living in the residence halls really helped that,” he said. “I know I’ve gotten more opportunities here than I would have studying in Sweden.”

In his free time, John enjoys the sights and activities in the Twin Ports– especially the skiing.

“Spirit Mountain is great and so is the hiking up the North Shore!” John said. “The area has some amazing scenery. I wasn’t expecting that, so it was a pleasant surprise.”

John plans to work in the United States for a few years after graduating to get some good experience before bringing back everything he’s learned here to Europe.

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