Mateus Alves

The small class sizes are so important for explaining and learning when you’re not familiar with English. You can relax.

Deciding what you want in a college can come down to two things: something different or something similar. Mateus Alves wanted a completely new experience. He wanted a small city with all four seasons, so he chose to Be Superior.

“I wanted to know what cold weather as like, and only knowing a big city life, I was so interested in small town life. Plus, there was soccer here,” he said.

The opportunity to enjoy his favorite hobby, meant he didn’t have to give up everything he loved about home. Also, having a large body of international students at UW-Superior brought campus life together for Mateus.

“The amount of international students really got my attention. Turns out, it’s because people here are so nice and they really care about you,” said Mateus. “The small class sizes are so important for explaining and learning when you’re not familiar with English. You can relax.”

Becoming comfortable to this new experience, Mateus decided to get even more involved on campus and started the Soccer Club to bring students together.

“When you know people, college is easy. You like your experience so much more if you get involved,” he said. “Also, with all of the amazing places to explore outside of campus, there’s no question but to come here.”

Mateus loved to be active outside of the classroom, and his instructor Dr. Richard Stewart, got him even more involved inside of the classroom.

“Dr. Stewart is the best instructor I’ve ever had in my life. He encourages you to learn and has helped me so much. He became my university father,” he explained.

The success Mateus has had in the Transportation and Logistics Management program is also because of the Twin Ports location and all of the local companies that participate with the program to give students real-world experiences.

“I’ve met so many people, and I’ve gotten to take field trips onsite and work in the industry,” he said. “Going to Chicago was probably the one trip that gave me the most interactions. It helped me see where I wanted to go in the industry.”

Mateus’ dream job is to work for FedEx and be able to interact with other countries on a daily basis.

“We can go anywhere in the world, and it fascinates me how things can get places so fast. There are no limits in this industry. I can go anywhere in the world,” he finished.

Mateus traveled around the world to get to UW-Superior. He studied abroad in England, and after finishing his summer internship, he plans on traveling to Europe to practice his Spanish.

If you’re interested on traveling the world with UW-Superior, contact Admissions to get more information about your incredible options.