Obiageli Ekwunwa

I learned that if you need help or assistance, never be scared of asking because the instructors are always there to help and listen.

The Twin Ports can either be a small town or a huge city, depending on where students come from. For Obiageli Ekwunwa, Superior is a peaceful place to learn compared to the hustle and bustle of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.  

“I made the conscious decision when choosing schools to come to a quiet place where I could concentrate on my studies,” Obiageli said. “That difference, along with being very affordable and having a lot of people from different cultures, is what made me choose UW-Superior.” 
Getting the chance to meet others from around the world and find the meaning behind other cultures helped Obiageli come out of her shell. 
“I was really shy at first, but I wanted to have that experience,” she said. “I decided that there was no reason to be scared – everyone here is so nice.” 
In fact, Obiageli’s favorite part about being at UW-Superior is how friendly fellow students, staff and instructors have been to her. 
“My instructors have a way of communicating that makes me feel included,” said Obiageli. “I learned that if you need help or assistance, never be scared of asking because the instructors are always there to help and listen.” 
Whether her studies turned out to be easy or difficult, Obiageli is prepared to work hard and put in the effort to be successful at UW-Superior. 
“Adjusting to the weather was harder than adjusting to having a double major in Economics and Communication,” she said. “I want to focus on my majors, so I can go back home and help change the economy and make a difference.” 
Obiageli’s determination to study hard has already landed her a research position with the Economics program, and she’s looking into doing even more research and internship. 
“My older brother came to college in America as well, and he really paved the way for me,” she said. “Because of him, I’m going to make good of all of the opportunities presented to me. More opportunities means more experience, and there are so many opportunities at UW-Superior.” 
Obiageli believes that deciding to come to UW-Superior has made her a stronger person and has made her more aware of the world. 
“The thing I love most about campus is that you are free to express yourself and your feelings the way you want to,” said Obiageli. “Communicating with others has taught me to be more open, and I’m happy with how far I’ve come.” 
After graduating from UW-Superior, Obiageli plans on going to graduate school for economics – but this time in a big city because she’s ready to take on even more. 
If you’re a student who is interested in a campus where you can connect with others, contact Admissions today to find your place at UW-Superior.