Sarah Langer

UW-Superior has given me everything I need to know, and I’ve made a lot of connections through different class projects that we’ve done with the community."

While she was still a high schooler in Ellsworth, Wis., Sarah Langer had an idea UW-Superior was the right place for her.

As the youngest of four sisters, Sarah came to campus often to watch her sister Rachel play volleyball for the Yellowjackets.

When it came time for Sarah to decide where she would continue her education, the choice was easy.

“I liked that UW-Superior was three hours away from my family – not too far and not too close,” she said. “I love the lake and being around nature.”

On campus, she was quickly able to make new friends.

“As a freshmen living in the residence halls, it is pretty easy,” said Sarah. “Everyone on my floor was really fun and I made friends with them. That was really important.”

Academically, Sarah arrived at UW-Superior undecided. Yet there was already indications of which career path she would take.

“In high school, I took all the business classes available except for, ironically, the sales and marketing class,” said Sarah. “I was decent at art, but my dad always told me that I was going to end up in business. I didn’t believe him because I just thought it was stuffy, and I didn’t want to end up behind a desk all day.”

After looking into what marketing was, she realized that was what she wanted to pursue.

“Once I realized what marketing was – creativity and using psychology – I really liked it,” she said. “Management was a great addition to Marketing.”

As a double major in Business Administration - Management and Business Administration - Marketing, Sarah found the balance she was looking for.

“I like the psychology and creativity of marketing, but there’s still a structure that you need to follow,” she said.

On pace to graduate in December 2016, Sarah is confident in the education she’s received.

“Leaving college is kind of nerve-wracking, but I’m ready,” she said. “UW-Superior has given me everything I need to know, and I’ve made a lot of connections through different class projects that we’ve done with the community. I know a lot of people from throughout the Twin Ports from different organizations and businesses. Especially in the School of Business and Economics – they make sure you network and know people so you can make connections if you need them to get jobs.”

Hoping to stay in the Superior-Duluth area after graduation, Sarah has advice for those considering colleges.

“You’d feel really comfortable at UW-Superior," she said. "Class sizes are really small. You get a lot of personal attention, but it’s still college so you still have your freedom to go do things without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a really great area – there’s tons of nature, yet there’s a city right here so you have everything you need to go out and have fun, go out to eat, or go shopping. I think it’s a great opportunity.”

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