Academic and Government Transportation Partnerships


Transportation systems depend on government involvement at many levels for their development and maintenance. Understanding the planning process, the support systems and organization of these government agencies is a critical element of the students' Transportation and Logistics education. The Center works with agencies in basic research and to provide learning opportunities for students through facilities tours, internships and guest speakers. Mutually supportive working relationships have been established with the following organizations who provide speakers, internships, and employment opportunities.

City of Superior Planning and Port Operations

Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Committee

United States Department of Transportation

Duluth Seaway Port Authority

United States Maritime Administration

Wisconsin Department of Transportation - District 8

United States Customs Bureau

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation - Bureau of Aeronautics

United States Department of Immigration

Minnesota Department of Transportation

United States Air Force - Reserve Officer Training Corps

Academic Institutions:

Working relationships with other Universities are key components in creating a diverse, intellectually stimulating and productive program. These relationships allow the exchange of ideas, critical analysis, cooperative projects and opportunities for growth by both faculty and students. The T&L faculty collaborates with other faculty from other universities to conduct research with significant applications in air, trucking, rail and other modes of transportation. It is critical for the program that it is an integral part of the large academic community. Contributions are also made through active service in peer review of academic papers, proposals, and conference presentations at both national and regional levels.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Dr. Richard D. Stewart taught a two-day diploma course on Shipping Marketing and Operations. The module was one of six taught by professors from the United States and Asia as part of a Diploma Program in Global Logistics and Shipping offered by the University of Delaware.

The United States Merchant Marine Academy: There is a continuous exchange program for lecture information, photographs and other teaching material. Lectures have been presented at UW-Superior by faculty from the US Merchant Marine Academy and faculty from UW-Superior have presented at the US Merchant Marine Academy.

The University of Manitoba Transportation Research Institute: There is an exchange program with this University's Transportation Research Center and faculty from both Universities have made presentations at each other's Universities that were open to the students and the public. Dr. Barry Prentice is a member of the T&L advisory board.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Center for Urban Transportation Studies: UW-Superior and UW-Milwaukee were jointly awarded a grant in 2001 to study intermodal issues. Faculty and students from these universities researched together and jointly wrote the final report published in 2003

University of Wisconsin – Madison: Dr. Stewart has be a guest lecturer in the School of Engineering, and the Faculty from the Furno Center have taught short transportation certificate programs at UW-Superior.

University of California-Irvine – Center for Transportation Research: Faculty from these universities have set up an exchange program, and UW-Superior has hosted faculty from the University of California-Irvine. Grants supporting joint research projects have been applied for by faculty teams from the two universities.

University of Minnesota Duluth – Northland Center for Advanced Transportation Research: – Faculty from these universities have set up an exchange program which had resulted in faculty presentations and joint research grant applications.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: –Business School – Faculty have collaborations on the newest development of e-commerce for transportation service procurement in the area of trucking operations.

University of Illinois Chicago: – Center for Urban Transportation Studies – Joint application for grant has been conducted between the faculties.

University of Western Michigan: – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Faculty participated in our grant application.

Professional Organizations:

Faculty and students in this major are involved with professional organizations because they enrich the members and the community by fellowship, the exchange of ideas and service to a common goal. Transportation and Logistics professional organizations provide opportunities for research, publication and for students to meet practitioners in their discipline. Upon graduation students will be familiar with the leading professional organizations in their profession.

Duluth Superior Transportation Association - Dr. Stewart is a member and has made presentations at the organization. Students regularly attend functions of this organization.

Propeller Club of Superior Duluth - Students and Dr. Stewart, who is a member, attend meetings of this longstanding organization dedicated to improving maritime commerce. Presentations have been made to this organization.

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science (Informs) - Institute of Supply Management (Lake Superior Chapter) - Dr. Stewart is an educator member and has made presentations at the organization. Students regularly attend functions of this organization and have hosted a roundtable on current issues.

Transportation and Logistics Management Field Trips and Guest Speakers