Potential Careers, Salaries, and Job Profiles

Potential Careers, Salaries, and Job Profiles

Transportation and logistics management is a discipline concerned with the efficient flow of people and materials in our global and domestic economy. Transportation management deals with the management of the five modes of transportation in an expanding and changing economic environment. Logistics management assumes a systems approach to the management of a wide variety of activities such as: materials handling warehousing, traffic management, inventory control, and packaging.

The UW-Superior Transportation and Logistics Management major is for those who plan careers in transportation or logistics with shippers, carriers, and government agencies. It emphasizes the managerial aspects of transportation along with logistics systems and concepts.


Facts to Consider:

  • The quality and price of transportation makes or breaks companies in a global economy.
  • The U.S. Department of Transportation expects world trade to double by the year 2020.
  • Logistical systems see that items are delivered when ordered on the internet.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor predicts a shortage of tens of thousands of transportation experts.

Demand for excellence in transportation + Growth in world trade + Growth in e-commerce + A shortage of experts = GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU!

Today there continues to be GROWING DEMAND for college graduates with knowledge in transportation and logistics fields.

Polls show that many top corporate executives think that opportunities for building a sound professional career in logistics are better today than ever before.

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Potential Careers and Job Profiles


Recent Salary Statistics

As with any complex industry, salaries can vary greatly due to a variety of factors.

Typical Transportation and Logistics Management salaries can fall with the following ranges:

Transportation and Logistics Management Salaries

Managers                   $35,000-$118,000

Directors                    $70,000-$150,000

Vice Presidents          $80,000-$280,000

According to an April15, 2007 article in Parade Magazine, Logistics is one of the hottest jobs for college graduates: 


Logistics manager:

Plan, implement and control flow of goods or services: $35,000-$118,000

salary graph for dbe

All data for these graphs collected from Salary.com on July 20, 2007; based on the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.