Company Sponsorship Program


The Company Sponsorship Program provides an opportunity for students majoring in Transportation and Logistics Management to be introduced to DSTA professionals employed in the transportation field. Local businesses and students gain from this program that provides students with opportunities to be introduced to practicing professionals.

Time Frame: 

2-3 hours

Company Responsibilities:

  1. Provide UW-Superior with contact names for sponsorship for your company.
  2. Talk with the student prior to the monthly DSTA meeting.
  3. Sponsor the student by introducing them to other members of your organization and help them to network with others at the DSTA meeting.
  4. Cover the cost of the student's meal for the DSTA meeting.

Students Responsibilities:

  1. Research the company via their web site or additional information provided by the business.
  2. Call the sponsor to establish initial contact.
  3. Arrive on time for the DSTA meeting to meet your sponsor and to begin networking.
  4. Ask questions about the company, job opportunities, how the business is run/organized. Be sure to collect business cards.
  5. Send a thank-you note to your sponsor.
  6. Provide your instructor a 1-2 page, typed, double-spaced, written summary regarding the learning that took place as a result of your sponsorship (may also be made available to the sponsor).