Company Tour Program


Students gain the most when they are able to take what they are learning in the classroom and see it applied in the "real world". Each of our classes provides the opportunity for students to observe what local businesses are doing from a management perspective. In the past, we have toured facilities such as Midwest Energy, Lake Superior Warehouse, Lake Superior Paper, the Duluth - Superior Port, Burlington-Northern Santa Fe, Fleming Foods, and others. We are grateful to each of the organizations for allowing us to spend 3-4 hours in their facilities so students can see how the organization is run.

We welcome additional organizations to become involved in this Company Tour Program to assist in the student's learning and to allow them to ask questions.

If you are interested in setting up a tour of your facility, please contact us so that we may set it up. In addition, we may contact you to schedule a tour.

Time Frame:

3-4 hours

Student's Responsibilities:

  1. Access the company's web site or other relevant resources.
  2. Prepare and submit three written questions about the facility prior to the tour. Seek out the answers to these questions during the tour.
  3. Engage in class discussion about the facility after the tour.