Partnerships in Education

The University of Wisconsin-Superior (UW-Superior) in conjunction with professional organizations has developed a "Partnerships in Education Program (PEP) for students pursuing careers in transportation and logistics management. This program is designed to provide opportunities for both students and local businesses to interact through a variety of methods.

Value-added partnerships include opportunities for recruitment, public relations, mentoring, and exposure to new concepts in the field.  The program includes seven different partnership levels, each requiring a different level of commitment on the part of both the local business and the student. Businesses are invited to participate in this program at one or more of the following levels:

Company Sponsorship

Sponsor a student to attend meetings, conferences, or events by acting as their host and covering the cost of their meal.

Guest speakers

 Participate in a transportation class by presenting a topic relevant to the class and your profession.

Company Tours:

Provide an opportunity for students in a transportation class to tour your facilities.

Company Orientations:

Allow students to spend one or two days in your organization to gain a basic understanding of your industry.

Advisory Board:

Participation on the Transportation and Logistics Advisory Board

Class Projects: 

 Invite teams of students to participate in research projects within your organization that will benefit your organization and meet the requirements for a class project.


Provide opportunities for students to complete their internship requirement with your organization.

A detailed description of each partnership level with a structured format is available. Objectives, time frames, and both student and business responsibilities are spelled out in detail.

If you would like additional information about any of the Partnerships in Education Program (PEP) opportunities please contact a Transportation and Logistics staff or faculty member directly: