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WESTAC website promotes transport jobs to youth 

July 18, 2005

VANCOUVER - The Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC), with funding from Transport Canada, has launched the first phase of transpocity.ca.

The website, designed for Canadian youth, highlights the variety of high-paying and in-demand careers available in today's transportation industry. The site is interactive and educational, and makes information on transportation careers accessible with one click.

"The website is the first of its kind for the industry," said Dario Valdivia, project manager. "Unfortunately, until now, sites have focused on one sector of the industry. We are proud of the cooperation within WESTAC to complete this project.

"As an industry we are aware that we soon will be hit by a shortage of people. Considering some 40 per cent of the workforce is 45 plus, the future of the industry lies with our youth."

The website is a collaboration of all sectors and is designed to help young people find rewarding careers in transportation, either directly or by helping educators and parents with additional information.

There is a diverse range of jobs available. Some require post-secondary education, others use an apprenticeship program, and others can be entered directly from high school.

The site currently has 30 profiles of careers spanning all modes of transportation and 15 videos of employees in action. By Phase IV there will be 100 to 120 complete profiles.

"The website shows the modern transportation industry," WESTAC said in a statement. "Once seen as a dirty, low-tech, low-wage career, today's transportation job is often high-tech and high paying."