Internship: For Students

View information about the Transportation and Logistics Internship Program.

Print Transportation Internship Packet. Hard copies are available with the office secretary at Erlanson 301

Internship Weekly Report Form:

PDF format

Word format

If you do not have the necessary software: please take a print out, complete it manually, and fax it to Dr. Stewart, 715-394-8374

Valuable Internship Pointers

  1. Notify TLM advisor at least eight months in advance what time period during your university program you want to work as an intern.
  2. Look at the list of intern companies in your chosen field and geographic region.
  3. Consider working as an intern for the company that currently employs you.
  4. Contact the company(s) at least six months in advance.
  5. When considering a company that has not had an internship with UW-Superior before you need to see that the TLM advisor sends them an internship informational package. You will need to provide the intern advisor a contact person with full name, title, address, phone number and if possible, their email address.
  6. Pick up the internship submission requirements from the Department of Business and Economics secretary. NOTE: They require three signatures, Advisor, Department Head and Employer. Do not delay in getting these signatures.
  7. Register for the internship credits. You must take a minimum of two credits but you can take as many as seven if you need them for graduation and to meet all other requirements of the University.
  8. When you start the internship see that the evaluation system to be used by the company has been forwarded to the TLM advisor. If the company does not have an evaluation system then you can have them use the generic evaluation that can be downloaded from our web site.
  9. Submit your weekly reports to the TLM advisor. These reports can be downloaded and accessed from the web site. You can submit them by email but we strongly suggest that you keep a disk or hard copy in case your email submission does not arrive as expected. If you cannot email them then fax them to us at 715-394-8374 or mail them to us.
  10. When you return to UW-Superior you will be required to give a half hour presentation about your internship to a class, faculty, or advisory board. You will also have to submit a written report in accordance with the Department of Business and Economics guidelines. Do not wait until you return to the University to start the report. Do a couple of pages every week of your internship and it will be much easier to complete when you return. You will receive a pass/fail grade.
  11. Send a thank you letter to the company that you did your internship with. Everyone likes to be told thank you. You can assume that your supervisor will be contacted by your future employer(s) and their last memory of you should be a good one.
  12. Please brief the TLM advisor about your internship both good and, (if any), bad aspects of your experience.