TLM Major Requirements

TLM Major Requirements

Transportation and Logistics Management


Dr. Richard Stewart, Professor; Director-Transportation and Logistics Research Center
Dr. Richard Cao, Assistant Professor


Transportation and Logistics Management
(Comprehensive Major: 63-69 Credits)

Required core courses:
ITS 108
Business Computer Applications-3 cr

MATH 151 (Calculus), or MATH 240-3 cr

ACCT 200
Financial Accounting-4 cr

ACCT 201
Managerial Accounting-3 cr

ECON 250
Principles of Microeconomics-3 cr

ECON 251
Principles of Macroeconomics-3 cr

BUS 211
Business Law I-3 cr

BUS 270
Business Statistics-3 cr

WRIT 209
Business & Professional Writing-3 cr

BUS 370
Principles of Marketing-3 cr

BUS 380
Principles of Management-3 cr

Required major courses:
TRSP 300
Supply Chain Management-3 cr

GEOG 302
Economic Geography-3 cr

LSTU 303
Environmental Law and Regulation-3 cr

FIN 320
Principles of Finance-3 cr

ECON 333
Transportation Economics-3 cr

TRSP 430
International and Intermodal Transportation Management-3 cr


ECON 430 International Economics-3 cr
BUS 430 International Business-3 cr

Transportation six-week inernship
TRSP 400
Transportation Internship (Capstone) 2-7 cr

And at least two of the following:
TRSP 301
Study Abroad 0-6 credits

TRSP 305
Air Transportation Mangement-3 cr

TRSP 315
Land Transportation Mangement-3 cr

TRSP 325
Marine Transportation Management-3 cr

TRSP 401
Advanced Business Logistics-3 cr

TRSP 402
Urban Planning and Transportation Systems-3 cr

TRSP 405
Port and Terminal Management-3 cr