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Student Assist

The Transportation and Logistics Center has student assist funding available to hire TLM Students for research projects. Students work under the direction of a faculty member who is engaged in research in the area of Transportation or Logistics. Students will also help set up forums, conduct surveys, assist in writing articles, make presentations, mentor other students and support other activities of the research center. The students are paid on an hourly basis and can work up to 20 hours per week when circumstances permit.All students who are employed by the Transportation and Logistics Research Center are selected on merit without regard to race, nationality or gender in accordance with University of Wisconsin-Superior guidelines. Transportation and Logistics Management Majors are given preference in hiring. The grade point average of the student is reviewed and hours of work will be subject to continued quality academic performance.


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NOTICE:The UW-Superior Transportation and Logistics Research Center utilizes this page to inform students of obtainable scholarships. Information found on this page may not be current. Therefore, students are encouraged to visit the related organizations' websites to obtain current information on scholarship. Good Luck!

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