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History - Major or Minor

In UW-Superior's History program, students engage an increasingly diverse and interconnected world in deep and meaningful ways. By studying various world regions, and the connections among them, students gain a better sense of their own place in the world and develop the knowledge and skills to navigate an increasingly complex future. The program emphasizes critical thinking and analysis, independent research, and oral and written communications - skills that prepare students for a wide range of life paths.

The History major requires 33 credits distributed across a range of world history fields, including U.S., European, African, Latin American, Asian, and Middle Eastern history. student also complete coursework focused in race and ethnicity and gender. All history majors complete a senior thesis in which they independently research a significant historical question of their own choosing. Graduating seniors present their thesis findings publicly at the annual History Thesis Conference held each spring.

The History - Teaching major is intended for students who want to teach history in middle schools or high schools.

  • The Broad Field Social Studies major with a History Concentration is a comprehensive liberal arts major that includes courses in areas such as anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology. Students who wish to use this major as preparation for a teaching career must complete Wisconsin Teacher Certification requirements.

    Degrees and Majors/Minors:


    History, BA

    History -- at the Early Adolescence-Adolescence Level (EA-A), BA or BS

    Broad Field Social Studies with a History Concentration, BA or BS



    History - at the Early Adolescence-Adolescence Level (EA-A)
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  • UW-Superior's history program is among the leaders in offering a global focus that prepares students for an increasingly complex world.

  • Students work one-on-one with professors who have a wide range of expertise.
    Short-term and semester long study abroad opportunities are available and encouraged.

  • The Superior-Duluth region offers a variety of opportunities for internships at museums and archives.

  • All majors complete a senior thesis that involves significant independent research.

  • Students preparing to teach history benefit from UW-Superior's highly regarded Teacher Education program.

What can you do with a degree in History?

History majors and minors are valuable for students pursuing a wide range of careers, including business; teaching; local, state and national government; publishing; journalism; library and museum work; and historical research. It's also excellent preparation for graduate school and law school.

"The history faculty at UWS are dedicated to helping students enhance their critical thinking and writing skills, which are essential in any career. My professors genuinely cared about my development as a scholar, which gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my career goals."

-Kristin Ahlberg, '97-United States Department of State, Washington, DC

"As a UWS history major, I learned more than just 'what happened.' From my first history course to my senior thesis, I was challenged to think critically, to organize my thoughts, and to express those thoughts clearly in writing. As a graduate student currently pursuing a Ph.D. in history, I put these skills to use each day."

-Craig Kinnear, '07-Ph.D. Student in History, University of Notre Dame

"The history program at UWS is so refreshingly different from the typical programs found across the nation. Completion of this program will provide students with the skills necessary to be highly successful in a wide variety of careers that require organization, research, management, and communication abilities."

-Jeremy Peterson, '08-English and History Teacher, Kang Chiao Bilingual School, Taipei, Taiwan

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