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Political Science - Peace Studies Concentration

Active citizenship is the foundation of the Political Science program at UW-Superior. We offer courses that are designed to not only create informed students, but also students who can study the roots of problems, formulate creative solutions to existing local, state, national and international problems, and develop advocacy strategies that ultimately address and solve these problems once and for all. We are committed to your education not only in the classroom, but also by developing various activities such as internships, student activities such as Model United Nations, and through various student organizations such as International Peace Studies Association and Political Science Association.

We have developed a curriculum that is committed to your success in becoming an engaged citizen and active scholar. Each course is carefully selected to provide you with a set of analytical skills and covers a substantive area that ensures you receive a well-rounded education in political science as a field of inquiry. In order to accommodate the student's academic interests, we offer three emphases in the Political Science Liberal Arts Major: American Politics and International Peace Studies, and Political Theory.

All students will begin with Introduction to Political Science (POLS 100), where they are introduced to the field of Political Science as well as an overview of the curriculum and expectations of the program, and they finish with Senior Seminar (POLS 499), where they culminate their experience here at UWS by carrying out substantive research and presenting their findings.

A liberal arts education prepares you for life, not just a job. You may pursue the career of your choice upon completion of your undergraduate program. If your interests, however, rests in working in an area with politics and public policy in mind, then you might want to examine jobs in the following areas: 

  • employment at a governmental institutions at city, state and national levels (including abroad)

  • employment at non-governmental organizations, media, and advocacy groups;
    enter graduate school of your choice

  • enter law school of your choice

  • enter the private sector

Degrees and Majors/Minors:

Political Science Majors:

  • American Politics Concentration

  • Peace Studies Concentration

  • Political Theory Concentration

  • Teaching at the Early Adolescence-Adolescence Level (EA-A)

  • Broad Field Social Studies in Political Science

 Political Science Minors:
  • American Politics

  • Peace Studies

  • Political Theory

  • Secondary Education

What Alumni have to say:

In 1998, Masahiro Kageyama graduated from UW-Superior with a Bachelor degree in Political Science (International Studies Concentration). During his senior year, he spent one year in the Middle East (Palestine & Egypt) to study Arabic. In 2000, he graduated from University of Amsterdam with a Master degree in International Relations. Currently, Masahiro is living in Yangon, Myanmar working for a Japanese trading company.

"The POLS program at UWS offered me a variety of educational opportunities and resources to assist me with my education." - Masahir Kageyama

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