Gender Studies

The mission of the Gender Studies Program is to explore issues of gender and its relationship to structures of power and inequality, with an emphasis on the intersection of gender with multiple identities; to promote critical engagement in a diverse world; and to contribute to possibilities for transformation and change in the university and broader community.

Students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Analyze identities and expressions of gender and sexuality both globally and historically.
  2. Analyze how social structures and institutions create and perpetuate inequalities.
  3. Analyze the intersection of gender with other relations of power, recognizing their interconnectivity.
  4. Conceptualize different manifestations of feminist actions based upon the context.
  5. Engage in informed feminist action.

We have offered a Gender Studies undergraduate minor since 1976. In 2007, the Women's Studies Committee revised the minor, and the program and minor became Gender Studies.

Students may earn a 21-credit minor in Gender Studies by selecting courses from diverse fields such as Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, American Indian Studies, Writing, Sociology, History, Criminal Justice, Political Science, World Languages and Literature, Visual Art, Geography and Philosophy.

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