What is History?

An unending dialogue between the present and the past.

-E.H. Carr

ArchWe often think of history as a collection of knowledge about the past. The "facts" of history, however, are merely the raw materials of the historian. The heart of historical study is the ongoing process of interpreting and reinterpreting the past. The primary mission of the UW-Superior History Program is to develop in undergraduate students an awareness of this process and to foster the development of the intellectual tools necessary for students to participate in it.

The study of history is an essential part of a liberal arts education and offers valuable preparation for many careers, including: business; international work; local, state, and national public service; law, publishing, library and museum work; and, of course, historical research and teaching.

The UW-Superior History Program is distinctive in its global focus. We offer coursework in a broad range of world regions, both at the introductory and upper level. This global approach provides an understanding and appreciation of the variety of human experience, as well as an awareness of those historical issues and themes that transcend region.

Through the study of history, students gain the intellectual skills and habits of mind needed to think critically and communicate effectively. Historical study at UW-Superior fosters the global awareness and intellectual flexibility needed to prosper in a rapidly changing world.