At UW-Superior, students become historians.

At UW-Superior, you will engage in historical analysis, collection and evaluation of historical evidence, and the creation of historical arguments to understand not only the events of history but also the people, conflicts, tensions, politics and social atmosphere of a time period. 

Combining knowledge, historical process, critical thinking, and global awareness, history students at UW-Superior are prepared for a wide variety of careers. 


A collection of knowledge about the past is only the raw materials of history to a historian. Interpreting and reinterpreting the past are at the heart of historical study. 


Through UW-Superior's history program, students develop the intellectual tools to interpret the past, practicing those skills to gain a thorough understanding of that process. 


Through the study of history at UW-Superior, students are prepared for careers in business;international work; local, state and national public service; law; publishing; library and museum work; and historical research and teaching among others. 

Critical Thinking 

Students learn critical thinking and effective communication and apply these through expanded global awareness and intellectual flexibility to proper in a rapidly changing world. 


UW-Superior offers coursework in a broad range of world regions, creating experiences to understand and appreciate the variety of human experience and an awareness of historical issues and themes that transcend geography.


What is History? 

"An unending dialogue between the present and the past." - E.H. Carr

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