Political Science

Political Science - studying local, regional, national and international relations and their consequences as well as our influence and role. 

Active citizenship is the foundation of the Political Science program at UW-Superior. We offer courses that are designed to not only create informed students, but also students who can study the roots of problems, formulate creative solutions to existing local, state, national and international problems, and develop advocacy strategies that ultimately address and solve these problems once and for all. We are committed to your education not only in the classroom, but also by facilitating various activities such as internships, student activities such as Model United Nations, and through various student organizations such as International Peace Studies Association and Political Science Association.

A major in political science will provide you with a broad knowledge base of national and international studies, as you study international relations alongside courses in local, regional and national politics. 

A liberal arts education prepares you for life, not just a job. A degree in Political Science offers the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of citizenship and international relations as well as valuable preparation for a variety of careers including employment in city, state or national government; non-governmental, non-profit organizations, media and advocacy groups; the law; teaching; campaign consultation; law enforcement; research analyst or journalism. 

The Political Science program offers degrees in Political Science with emphasis areas in 

  • American Politics 
  • International Peace Studies
  • Political Theory 

and a degree in Broad Field Social Studies with a Political Science concentration.

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