Arnie Mortensen

The small class sizes allow for those personal relationships so you can voice yourself and grow.

A split second decision to come to the United States landed Arnie Mortensen at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. To be exact, one week after his decision, Arnie was on his way from Denmark to Superior. 

“Right away, the university was a lot more inclusive than I was used to studying in Denmark,” Arnie said. “The environment is warm and welcoming, and I was eased into a new life here.” 
It wasn’t only the inclusive campus that welcomed Arnie with open arms, but the community as well. The Twin Ports area gives Arnie an outlet for his interests and adventuring in nature. 
“It’s so easy to fit in here because there’s something for everyone on and off campus,” he explained. “I like all of the great places to hike and explore. You could go on discovering forever.” 
As for his academic interests, Arnie felt right at home in the History program. 
“History has always been interesting to me especially when it comes to my heritage,” he said. “It’s also a part of my family; my father and grandfather are both historians.” 
In the History program, Arnie is constantly encouraged to think differently than he’s used to and discover how cultures are practiced around the world. He’s studying abroad this summer in Bosnia. 
“I’m challenged by great instructors to enlighten myself and to do better both academically and personally,” said Arnie. “The small class sizes allow for those personal relationships so you can voice yourself and grow.” 
Arnie loves the class variety and exposure, which allow him to study multiple interests at the same time to discover his true wants for the future. 
“All of Karl Bahm’s classes have been so interesting. It’s kept me focused on academics. I’ve easily followed the four year plan,” he said. “When you enjoy your education, you make the most of it.” 
Arnie’s not done learning. After completing his History degree at UW-Superior, He plans to go to Croatia to do research for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships and go to grad school in Europe. 
Everyone can enjoy their interests at UW-Superior. Contact Admissions to see what the campus and community have in store for you.