2015 Bali Workshop

2015 Bali Workshop

Bali Workshop, December 30, 2014-January 22, 2015

Six Credits, $5,170, all expenses included. 
Financial aid eligible.

Watch the Bali VideoAs far away as you can get from Europe and North America, the small tropical island of Bali lives in a different time and in a different way.  With a 210-day calendar of daily activities centered on spiritual balance, community harmony, and daily practices of dance, drama, music, painting - practices westerners view as "art" -- the Balinese also rely on international tourism to supply income essential to life in a global money economy.  For the Balinese, the central question is whether they can maintain the sacred core of their way of life and still succeed by selling the Bali experience to outsiders that regard everything as for purchase or for sale. 

Whether they can pull it off is not quite as exotic and remote a question as it appears: the rest of the world faces global crisis and wonders if there is no alternative.  What is happening now in Bali offers some important clues to us at Superior and people around the world.

For three weeks during winter break, a group of 10 students will enter Balinese society as the guests of a royal family and experience Bali as tourists cannot.  We'll form a Banjar, the basic organization in Bali and learn the basic rhythm of village life.  We'll learn about ways of being Balinese by keeping Balinese time and learning by doing the daily rituals, learning from villagers and teachers.  We will work with the leading dancers, musicians, shadow puppet masters, healers  and priests and travel to temple festivals in search of the trance, taksu and sacred acts that the Balinese think separate them from the tourists. 

We will develop relationships with ordinary Balinese trying to make their way between two worlds.  We will get into the cooperative and sustainable agriculture with the people who do it and by planting rice ourselves.

Since we can't become Balinese, at least not in 3 weeks, there will be free time for each person to take in the natural beauty, to hike, swim, take in the sun as well as "research" the tourist club scene, shopping and such.

Three meals a day at the best restaurants in Bali are included in your tuition.  And, at then end of the course, we will decompress in a small beach village with discussion, sun, snorkeling and the like.

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