Study Abroad - Bosnia

  • Course materials for POLS 356 and HIST 315
  • Mike Jaros Fund for Peace supports studies abroad.

While earning credit at UWS, wouldn't it be nice to:

  • Spend four weeks in a beautiful country combining the Mediterranean with Alpine mountains?
  • Explore stunning castles, cathedrals and mosques from the 15th to the 19th centuries?
  • Experience first-hand a unique and rich culture bringing East and West together?
  • Hear personal accounts of war and rebuilding from people who experienced it first-hand?
  • Meet with politicians, community organizers and civil rights activists to learn about peace, nation-building, and social justice?
  • Do something concrete to give back and help a society attempting to recover from genocide and war?

All of these things, and more, you can do with the War and Peace in Bosnia Study Abroad program.  A six credit course (History and/or Political Science) conducted over four weeks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this course focuses on developing a practical understanding of the war that tore this country apart in the early-1990s-what it was about, how it happened, what it did to people-and then how the country has attempted to rebuild itself and move forward after the end of the shooting.  The course is all hands-on, practical experience.  Our "classroom" is the cities and villages of Bosnia; our "books" are the people we meet, and the culture they share with us.

Go off the beaten path.   Participate in the War and Peace in Bosnia program.

For more information on the prep courses and the summer travel-abroad courses (HIST or POLS 301), contact the Social Inquiry Department.