ESL Courses

UW-Superior offers four ESL courses, organized through the Office of International Programs, to first-semester international students who need to improve their English skills before taking a full load of standard undergraduate-level classes. 

The ESL courses are generally offered during the fall semester (September to December) and the spring semester (January to May).  No ESL courses are offered during the summer.

ESL 131 Reading Academic Texts (3 credits)
     Students develop academic reading strategies and skills by reading such 
     materials as news reports on recent research, abstracts, magazine and   
journal articles, and textbook excerpts.    

ESL 132 Writing for Academic Purposes (3 credits)     
     Students are introduced to a variety of writing patterns and explore the    
     expectations of American academic audiences, developing their skills by 
     writing personal journals, reaction papers, summaries, and formal, 
     academic essays.

ESL 133 Listening to Academic English (2 credits)
     Students develop academic listening strategies and skills by listening to   
     such materials as news reports, discussions, documentaries, speeches, 
     and classroom presentations.

ESL 134 Speaking for Academic Purposes (2 credits)
     Students work on pronunciation and communication skills, give a short 
presentation to a group, and participate in discussions.

For each ESL course, students earn two or three degree credits. Degree credits count towards the 120 credits needed for graduation, are included in a student's grade point average (GPA) and contribute to a student's status as a full-time student. 

For undergraduate students, ESL courses cost the same as all on-campus, undergraduate courses. 

Note: Students who have successfully completed ESL 132, Writing for Academic Purposes, by earning a grade of C- or higher, are required to take another writing course (WRIT 099, WRIT 101 or WRIT 102) the following semester.