English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) Support
for International Students Admitted to UW-Superior

UW-Superior offers four English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to help international students in their first semester adapt to the challenges of learning in English at the college level. These ESL courses are designed specifically for degree-seeking or exchange students who have met the minimum English proficiency requirement for undergraduates and have been admitted to UW-Superior.

Newly-admitted international students may be required to take the UW-Superior ESL Placement Test. Based on their placement test scores, students may be required to enroll in one or more ESL courses, in addition to other university courses, during their first semester.

Prospective students who want to earn a degree and whose English level is below the minimum proficiency requirement may apply for conditional admission to UW-Superior. Such students can study in the intensive English program, English as a Second Language International (ESLI), located 20 minutes from the UW-Superior campus. For information about international undergraduate admissions at UW-Superior, visit International Admissions.

NOTE: The ESL courses at UW-Superior are not a full-time ESL program, and the courses are NOT intended for international students whose main purpose is to study ESL full-time. The English as a Second Language International (ESLI) program is available for students who wish to study English only.

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