Andrew Suralski

I enjoyed coming to Superior and taking advantage of the opportunities that extended beyond campus.

People from all over the world come to visit the Twin Ports because of the great outdoor activities, so it’s no surprise that many students choose to study at UW-Superior because of the area. That was just the case for Andrew Suralski. 
“I enjoyed coming to Superior and taking advantage of the opportunities that extended beyond campus,” said Andrew. “Though as a first-year student, there were even more opportunities on campus for getting involved in student organizations, meeting people from around the world and discovering a new city. It was a lot to adjust to, and there were so many resources.” 
With so much going on, Andrew enjoyed being on a small, social campus. 
“I definitely took advantage of social opportunities. I was undeclared and spent a lot of time building bonds with other people and making friends,” he said. 
While Andrew enjoyed spending his first year connecting with the UW-Superior community, he dove into academics his sophomore year, and declared a major in English
“The department is really close-knit, so I got to know all the instructors very well and work closely with them,” he said. “The instructors really helped me adjust to this new world of English." 
Andrew lived on campus all four years, was involved with student organizations and had on campus jobs with Academic Service-Learning and the library. But it was the time he spent in the campus Writing Center that helped Andrew decide on a future career. 
“I really liked the work they did in the Writing Center, and I was interested in growing as a tutor as well,” he said. “I could cultivate connections with the student I was working with on an individual basis, and that was great.” 
Andrew went on to graduate school at UW-Eau Claire, and he found the campus environment to be very different. 
“The campus was five times the size of UW-Superior, and it was a shock initially,” he said. “It was a very diverse campus, but it still didn’t compare to UW-Superior. I’m really happy that I chose Superior. I wouldn’t have made as many connections otherwise.” 
He’s stayed at UW-Eau Claire, and currently has two roles as an instructor and the Assistant Director of the Center for Writing Excellence on their campus. 
If you’re a fan of the Twin Ports area, set up a meeting with Admissions to discuss how you can make a life here possible.