Kenneth Timm

I can’t describe what this place has done for me. It’s changed my attitude toward everything, especially what education means. I owe my future to UW-Superior.

Working toward a degree at UW-Superior means something different to everyone. For Kenneth Timm - a nontraditional student in his early 50s - it means attending a college that offers the resources, support and flexibility required to complete his education. 

“Getting my degree has been a long road,” said Kenneth. “I worked for Lake Superior College for seven years while working on getting my Associate’s Degree, and now I’m on my third year at UW-Superior.” 

Like many others, Kenneth decided to explore his options when starting as a UW-Superior student. Business Administration and Geology were his first picks. 

“My first Geology class was an eye-opener for me. I realized I wasn’t meant to be a geologist,” he explained. “Then I spoke to someone who was taking a Writing class – it changed everything.” 

For Kenneth, writing is something else. He has a natural aptitude for it, and his words flow on paper. His Writing major challenges him, putting his abilities to the test. 

“I had heard that UW-Superior was a great place to get a business degree, and I have not been disappointed,” he said. “That’s why I decided to double major – get more bang for my buck.” 

Even though Kenneth is a working adult paying for his tuition, he knows there is a great value in doing a bit more time at UW-Superior to complete two majors. 

“The lower cost of tuition here is wonderful, but I never feel like I’m getting less of an education because I’m paying less,” said Kenneth. 

Kenneth also doesn’t feel like he’s gotten less of an experience just because he’s a nontraditional student. 

“College isn’t my environment, but I’ve never felt unwelcome,” he said. “I feel like I’m a validation to younger students. It’s worth it to go to college, and it’s worth it to be at UW-Superior. I’m here to reset my life and do what I neglected to do when I was younger." 

Kenneth anticipates the day when he’ll get paid to do what he loves – writing, and he won’t forget the people who’ve helped him get there. 

“The influence of my instructors and advisors here at UW-Superior has been nothing but positive. My writing has improved – I have improved,” Kenneth said. “I can’t describe what this place has done for me. It’s changed my attitude toward everything, especially what education means. I owe my future to UW-Superior.”  

Kenneth looks forward to continuing to support UW-Superior as an alumnus. He wants to go out into the world and come back to show others what he’s accomplished thanks to UW-Superior. He’s looking for a career where he can be creative and use everything he’s learned here. 

The Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center (VNSC) is a place where nontraditional students and veteran students can get connected and make the most of their educational journey. If you have questions about becoming a nontraditional student like Kenneth, you can find more information with the VNSC or campus Admissions.