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World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department

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Language Arts

UW-Superior's Language Arts Program is part of the World Languages, Literature, and Cultures Department. It offers the Language Arts Minor for Elementary Education majors, a Masters in Reading, and two certifications: Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist.

FAQs about UWS Language Arts Minor

Why do I need to have a minor in Elementary Education? To be licensed in Wisconsin, you need a minor to be able to teach first through 6th grade and the middle school/ junior high levels (7th and 8th grades; ages 11-12). Your license will be labeled: Early Childhood through Middle School (ages 6-12). The Language Arts minor is one of the choices you can make.

Why should I choose the Language Arts minor? The Language Arts minor is an excellent choice for your minor. The nation is very interested in improving the literacy abilities of elementary level students. Literacy means the reading and writing abilities of students. Literacy is based on the speaking and listening abilities of children.

Let's talk Language Arts

  • You will work closely with experts in teaching the language arts. Language Arts faculty and staff have a wealth of classroom experience in teaching the language arts and have doctorates in the field or advanced degrees.
  • You will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical teaching strategies to make a positive difference in the literacy development of your future students.
  • You will have many opportunities to observe and teach elementary and middle school students as part of the language arts coursework.
  • You will have individual attention as you develop your skills and knowledge in language arts content and methods since class sizes are small.
  • You will have access to online courses as a Distance Learning student. On occasion, on-campus students may access online courses.
  • You will be advised by the actual instructors in language arts minor courses.
  • You will make a difference! You will be entering a field receiving great emphasis across the nation: developing the literacy abilities of students. Reading, a major compenent of the Language Arts Minor, gets special attention in federal funding of "No Child Left Behind."

What can you do with a minor in Language Arts from UW-Superior?

  • Be a highly-qualified teacher of language arts. Literacy is the focus in elementary education and the nation.
  • Teach Language Arts at the middle school/ junior high levels in Wisconsin (7th and 8th grade levels).
  • Use your Language Arts minor to strengthen your resume as you apply for a job since you will have knowledge and experience to work effectively with the literacy development of your students.
  • Apply up to six credits of your minor toward obtaining the 316 Reading Teacher license in Wisconsin at UW-Superior. Twelve credits of graduate work in language arts is also required. Use this license to seek educational positions to teach students having reading difficulty such as in Title I programs. The license is temporary until you have two years of teaching experience.
  • Be prepared to apply literacy skills in any profession or community organization that requires communication skills.

What UWS Students Say about the Language Arts Minor

Elementary Education majors choose the Language Arts minor for a variety of reasons including teaching students to read and write for the love of it, then to read and write for learning, and ultimately to read and write for life.

"I love to read! Reading has been a powerful and positive experience in my life. I want to encourage all children to read so they can experience endless possibilities." -UWS Language Arts minor from Canada, who is now student teaching.

"I have always loved to read, and want to help my students find that same love. Reading is communication, and communication permeates our lives every day. Reading is crucial in all aspects of life. Without communication, and the printed word, we are alone." -UWS Language Arts minor.

"Literacy is the fundamental need of our students. In order to ensure that every student has the chance to succeed in school and in life, he/ she needs a rich and meaningful education in reading/language /arts". -UWS Language Arts minor completing a semester internship in multi-level 3-4 class.

"I want to pass my understanding and passion for reading/language arts on to the students I teach. Reading is all around us, and an important part of our lives. I am excited to help my future students acquire and enjoy this lifelong skill!" -UWS Language Arts minor preparing for student teaching.

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