Samantha Wolf

The personability of this campus really pushes you to be a part of more and more, otherwise you feel like you’ll miss out.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior is full of hidden gems and spaces. There’s one in particular that peers into the history of Superior and the Twin Ports area that Samantha Wolf has had the pleasure of discovering. 

“The University Archives are fantastic! For someone who loves books and reading between the lines like I do, this job is perfect,” said Samantha. “I get to binge on books, do interesting projects and learn something new every day. Becoming a jack of all trades is the beauty of being at a liberal arts college!”
Samantha believes the library is one of the most important places on campus because of all the knowledge it offers. Her favorite item in the University Archives: the City of Superior’s jail intake records. 
“The most recent record is from 1937, and all of the information is so interesting,” she said. “You can always find what you’re looking for and then some. The library staff is super helpful, and they go over the top to get you what you need.” 
Even though she wishes she could, Samantha doesn’t spend all of her time at the Jim Dan Hill Library. She has her schedule jam-packed with playing flute in symphonic band, having four on-campus jobs, being a member of both the Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates (SAGA) Club and the English Club and keeping track of her double minor, but Samantha says she wouldn’t have it any other way. 
“The personability of this campus really pushes you to be a part of more and more, otherwise you feel like you’ll miss out,” she said. “There are so many interesting people on this campus.” 
This personability is what spoke to Samantha and the reason why she likes attending UW-Superior so much. Samantha appreciates the one-on-one time she gets with her instructors inside and outside of the classroom. 
“My instructors know me,” she said. “I feel comfortable to go and get coffee with any of them. I know you can’t find that anywhere else. Plus, all of the faculty that teach the English major are fantastic. I like that Dr. Hilary Fezzey investigates with you on research. The English major at UW-Superior covers a broad spectrum. You get more than the basics, and you get something different every semester.” 
Samantha has found that her English classes are engaging, and she’s learned that English is subjective with more critical thinking than she had first thought. Samantha is taking that knowledge and applying it to her future graduate studies. 
“I’m going to specialize in archiving and public libraries,” she says. “This path is going to combine everything I’ve had my hands on here at UW-Superior. Without all of the experience I’ve received in my classes and my on-campus jobs, I would have never realized what I’m truly passionate about.” 
Samantha’s advice for current and perspective students: get lost. 
“Studying at UW-Superior has allowed me to try new things and explore new places,” she said. “I’ve discovered new interests, grown so much and I’m not even done yet! I’m really excited for next semester because I’m going to Study Away in Scotland.” 
Samantha says that UW-Superior is a place to make connections and get involved. Connect with Admissions today to learn more about all of the jobs and organizations available to students.