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UW-Superior Fitzgerald Scholar Publishes Work with Cambridge University Press

Posted on Apr 29, 2013
A newly released collection of essays on the life and work of F. Scott Fitzgerald features a chapter written by Fitzgerald scholar Dr. Deborah Davis Schlacks. Her chapter concerns Fitzgerald's early life in St. Paul, Minnesota.
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UW-Superior Fitzgerald Scholar Publishes Work with Cambridge University Press

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Fitzgerald in Context, published by Cambridge University Press and edited by Bryant Mangum, includes the work of 40 international scholars of Fitzgerald's life and work.

In her chapter, "St. Paul, Minnesota, St. Paul Academy, and the St. Paul Academy Now and Then," Schlacks, Professor of English in the Department of Writing and Library Science at UW-Superior, examines the hierarchical yet fluid social structure of early 20th-century St. Paul and its effects upon Fitzgerald, who spent his pre-teen and early teen years in the city. Fitzgerald, whose father was related to the aristocratic Francis Scott Key and whose mother was from a family of Irish immigrants, was, Schlacks stresses, in a "liminal space" in St. Paul: "among the rich, but not of them." This situation shows up in his fiction over and over again, beginning even in his earliest stories, published in the St. Paul Academy Now and Then.

Schlacks's earlier scholarly work on Fitzgerald includes a book entitled American Dream Visions: Chaucer's Surprising Influence on F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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