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Writing and Library Science Department

Writing Minor/Major

 Writing Minor: A complement to any major, the 21-credit Writing Minor offers students practice in multiple genres, collaborative processes, and a range of technologies. 

Writing Major: NEW for Fall 2014! 
In small, workshop-style classes, students in the Writing Major can expect to read widely, brainstorm, draft, give and get feedback, and revise in an encouraging and inventive atmosphere. Equal parts hard work and inspiration allow students in the Writing Program to develop their skills and craft for writing in college and beyond.

Read the Requirements for the Minor and Major in the 2014-16 Course Catalog, found on the Registrar's webpage.

Program highlights:
-Small classes where the professors know your name

-Individualized feedback on your writing in every class

-Collaborative classes and projects

-Opportunities to write for local organizations through Academic Service-Learning

-Primary research through interviews, archival work, and nature exploration

-Practice in a range of writing genres: poetry, fiction, travel writing, and more

What will I write?
Variety is an important word in the Writing Program: we want writers to stretch out of their comfort zones. Read and research something new. Write in a way you haven’t before. Use a new-to-you technology. Consider the variety of writing projects in a few of our courses: 

-dramatic scenes, staged and read by your classmates (in Intro to Creative Writing)

-an investigative report on language controversies (in English Grammar)

-researched creative nonfiction essays on conservation (in Nature Writing)

-journaling techniques with residents of a women’s shelter (in Writing Women, Women Writing)

-e-portfolios showcasing your work (in Senior Capstone)

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