General Forms

Academic Staff Policies and Procedures

Academic Staff Professional Development Grants

The Provost may call for Academic Senate Development Grant proposals up to twice each fiscal year. Once during spring semester, typically by mid-March (round 1). If funding is available, it is possible that a second call would go out during the fall semester (round 2). The Office of the Provost will send calls for grant proposals directly to the Academic Staff email distribution list (_Academic_Staff Within each call for proposals, the deadline for submission will be included. Please contact the Academic Staff Professional Development team at with any questions you may have.

Academic Staff Promotion Process

Those wishing to request a promotion or title change should submit their materials to the Human Resources Office by the first of each month. Please refer to the Academic Staff Promotion and Title Change Policy and Procedure document linked below for application requirements and process.

AS Senators are available to help answer general questions about the process. More specific questions should be directed to Human Resources Office.

Hearing and Committee Decisions

Once the Chancellor has informed the Academic Staff Senate Senate Chair that a Grievance has been filed, the chair is then responsible for appointing five Academic Staff Senate staff members to serve on the Academic Staff Senate Appeals Committee.  In selecting the Academic Staff Senate members, the chair uses the following process of elimination and selection.


The chair will NOT consider Academic Staff Senate who fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • works in the same office/department of any of the named parties
  • directly reports to any of the named parties
  • reports to the next level, if a possible conflict of interest may exist with any of the named parties
  • has known direct personal or professional relations with any of the known parties
  • are unable to be objective regarding the complaint
  • are unwilling to serve, for whatever reason


The chair WILL consider for selection Academic Staff Senate who fit one or more of the following categories:

  • possesses insight, knowledge, and/or background of the complaint theme (not necessarily of the specific case)
  • seeks to objectively learn about the concerns, from all perspectives
  • are willing to provide the Chancellor thoughtful recommendations that lead to a productive resolution

Other Committee Assignments

The Academic Staff Senate Chair collects all the committee self-nominations from the Academic Staff Senate membership, and is responsible for developing an outline of Academic Staff Senate members' committee preferences. This outline is then presented to the Academic Staff Senate for approval. Whenever possible, the chair will seek to honor the Academic Staff Senate member's first and/or second choices. Otherwise, members may be assigned to their third or fourth preferences, or may be asked to fill committee vacancies not previously considered. In the event there are inadequate self-nominations for committee slots, the chair will then seek out Academic Staff Senate members to fill the seats. If vacancies and special committee assignments are made after the Senate has met, the chair will make appointments and then inform the Senate. Due to the fact that the chair is quite aware of the importance of having the committees filled by conscientious members, the chair is charged with finding the most appropriate Academic Staff Senate members to help support the purpose of the committees.

Exceptions to not assigning members' to their preferred committees include one or more of the following reasons:

  • a seat on the committee is already designated to someone in the same unit
  • too many members interested in limited seats - in this event then attention must be given to the purpose of the committee and decision made as to who would be most appropriate to serve, given the focus and charge of the committee
  • member is needed to serve on another committee (chair will discuss with member)