If an applicant would like to attend UW-Superior, but does not meet the admission standards, they will be eligible for the ACCESS and BRIDGE programs. It is important to note that those who do not meet the requirements for standard entrance, but would still like to attend UW-Superior are best served by enrollment in the ACCESS program for the first term, and the BRIDGE program in the following term.

What is the ACCESS Program?

The ACCESS program, scheduled during the summer or fall terms, offers college experience through the University of Wisconsin-Barron County (UWBC) with courses being held on the UW-Superior campus. As any other student on-campus, students will be able to take advantage of the full array of programs and services offered by UW-Superior. Upon successful completion of the ACCESS program (earning a C or better), credits from these general education courses will be transferred to UW-Superior where they will participate in the BRIDGE program.

Admissions Process for ACCESS Program

  1. Application for admission is reviewed by the Admissions Office. If standard admission is not possible, their Admissions Counselor may refer your application to either ACCESS/BRIDGE or BRIDGE.A

  2. The ACCESS/BRIDGE Coordinator reviews application and will either deny or accept. If accepted, the Admissions Office will send an Introduction Letter. The letter explains the program and directs the student to contact the ACCESS/BRIDGE Coordinator for an interview.

  3. The interview is used to gather more information from the applicant regarding their academic history and to get a sense of the applicant's motivation and desire to succeed. It is also used to explain the program in more detail to the applicant and discuss the admissions process. The interview can take place in person or over the phone.

  4. If the interview is successful, the student will then receive their official offer of admission from the Admissions Office. ACCESS applications will be sent to UWBC for processing.

  5. The ACCESS/BRIDGE Coordinator then supplies the applicant with a fact sheet for their specific program that provides information regarding the following areas:

    • Enrollment Deposit
      • Paid to UW-Superior - applied to first term 
      • No enrollment deposit to UWBC
    • Financial Aid
      • UWBC responsible for financial aid
      • Student must indicate UW-College and UW-Superior on the FAFSA so that both colleges can pull their information
    • Housing
      • Apply to housing at UW-Superior
    • Minnesota Reciprocity 
      • Musty apply for tuition reciprocity for UWBC
      • Must apply for tuition reciprocity for UW-Superior
    • Out-of-State Residents
      • UW-Colleges does not have a TAP program; out-of-state students will be charged full out-of-state tuition
    • Placement Testing
      • Required to take both the Math and English Placement Exams
    • Registration/Orientation
      • Official UWBC student
      • Does not attend SOAR - will attend orientation program in late July
    • Athletics
      • Not NCAA eligible during the ACCESS term

  6. Applicants are also informed that the ACCESS/BRIDGE Coordinator is their main contact, and they or their parents should contact the coordinator with any questions or concerns they may have.

For more information, contact, calling (715) 394-8087 or visiting Swenson Hall 1025-C.