At UW-Superior, we approach your  education with two very important goals in mind: 

First, we provide you with a well-rounded liberal arts education. Through our institution, you will learn how to examine ideas, solve problems;, organize your thoughts, present ideas, work as part of a team and become a leader. These are skills you'll need for lifelong learning. They're also skills employers look for when hiring and are good preparation if you decide to go on to graduate school, law school or medical school.

Second, we provide solid professional training. You learn skills needed to succeed in business, computing, science, teaching, social work, music and many other fields. We emphasize hands-on learning through internships, lab work, performances and classes that stress the practical application of theories and data.

We do all this by focusing on our strengths. Small classes give you a chance to join discussions, get extra help and take part in team projects. Experienced professors teach all classes and advise students on the courses they need to take. The size of our campus also offers more opportunities for you to work in labs, perform in musical ensembles, join theater productions or work with a professor.

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