Enrollment Deposits

How to Pay the Enrollment Deposit

ONLINE (preferred)


  1. To use the online payment system, students will need their student ID number, which is indicated on their letter of admission.
  2. Click the Pay Online button to complete the online Enrollment Deposit form and pay your fee.

Pay Online

  1. Complete the Enrollment Deposit form provided in your admissions packet.
  2. Mail the Enrollment Deposit form and your payment to:

    Admissions Office
    Belknap & Catlin
    P.O. Box 2000
    Superior, WI  54880

Who Pays the Enrollment Deposit

Only students who have received notification of their admission to the University of Wisconsin-Superior pay the $100 Enrollment Deposit. The Enrollment Deposit is required for all new freshmen, transfer, graduate and international students who are admitted to the UW-Superior. Online Learning students do NOT have to pay the Enrollment Deposit.

Students who are not sure whether they need to pay the Enrollment Deposit should contact the appropriate office (see below).

U.S. Citizens
Contact the Admissions Office at 715-394-8230 .

International Students
Contact the International Admissions at 715-394-8052 .

Deposit Deferral
A deferral, granted in cases of financial hardship, allows a student to complete orientation and other enrollment steps without paying the deposit. Instead, the charges are "deferred" or pushed back to be due with the student's first semester bill after financial aid has been disbursed. In this way, students don't pay the deposit out of pocket. If you are unable to pay the Enrollment Deposit, please contact the Director of Admissions to see if you qualify for a deferral. If you do qualify, complete and return the Enrollment Deposit Deferral Form.

What the Enrollment Deposit Is

The Enrollment Deposit

  • is confirmation of your intention to enroll at UW-Superior
  • reserves your space in the incoming class
  • allows you to register for Summer Orientation Advisement and Registration (SOAR)
  • is NOT an additional fee; the deposit will be credited toward your first semester expenses

Next Steps

After the student pays the Enrollment Deposit, their next steps in the admissions process include:

  1. Residence Halls

    Students who plan on living in the Residence Halls are given guidance about how to reserve a room shortly after they are admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Students who have not submitted their housing contract or have questions should contact the Residence Life Office at (715) 394-8438 .

    Housing Policy:
    "Those freshman and sophomore students (students who have earned 56 credits or less as of the first day of Fall semester classes) who are not veterans, married or living with parent(s) or guardian shall be required to live in a University-operated residence hall when such accommodations are available." (Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin)
  2. Summer Orientation Advisement and Registration (SOAR) or Transfer Orientation and Welcome

    New Freshmen: Register for Summer Orientation Advisement and Registration (SOAR) which formally introduces students and parents to the University of Wisconsin-Superior and allows students to sign-up for classes. Watch for an e-mail inviting you to register for SOAR. For more information, contact the Dean of Students.

    Transfers: Complete the online transfer orientation. Watch your e-mail for more information on how to register for the online course or contact the Dean of Students.

    International Students: You will be receiving information regarding orientation programming from the International Programs Office and Dean of Students. For questions regarding international student orientation programming, please contact international@uwsuper.edu.
  3. Weekend of Welcome (WoW)
    New students sign up for the Weekend of Welcome. Our WoW programs are designed for all new students (freshmen, transfers and commuters). WoW includes a variety of events and activities to welcome and assist you with your transition to the University of Wisconsin-Superior. For more information, contact the Dean of Students.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact the Admissions Office.