Nonresident Tuition Waivers (NTW) Acceptance Form

If you have received a Nonresident Tuition Waiver (NTW) offer letter, you must accept the NTW by reading, completing and submitting this form before the NTW will be applied to your student account.

By accepting this Nonresident Tuition Waiver (NTW), I agree to the following.

  • I understand that awards through the NTW Program apply only to the nonresident portion of tuition and do not apply to the resident portion of tuition or to on-line classes.
  • I understand that I must:
    • Maintain full-time status for both fall and spring semesters (minimum 12 credits per semester for undergraduate students and 9 credits per semester for graduate students); the full-time requirement will be waived in the last semester of attendance.
    • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (See more information at Satisfactory Academic Progress)
    • Maintain good academic standing. (See more information at Good Academic Standing)
  • I understand that NTW awards may be granted in the summer semester for continuing students, and the full-time requirement does not apply to summer courses.
  • I understand that if there is a break in my enrollment, i.e. take one or more semesters off, I must reapply for an NTW; consideration for such applications are based on the same criteria as for incoming students.
  • I understand that the NTW program is subject to legislative changes, interpretations and mandates.