Nonresident Tuition Waiver (NTW) Application

The Nonresident Tuition Waiver (NTW) Program offers financial assistance to non-Wisconsin and non-Minnesota students who enroll at UW-Superior.

Nonresident students who are interested in attending UW-Superior and wish to be considered for the NTW Program are encouraged to complete and return this form and apply for admission as early as possible.

Note: Awards through the NTW Program apply only to the Nonresident portion of tuition and do not apply to the resident portion of tuition.


First come, first served

Limited funding is available through the NTW Program to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Nonresident students
  • Undergraduate or graduate students

Awards are given on a first-come, first-served basis, based on date of admission.

Nonresident tuition only

Awards through the NTW Program waive no part of the resident portion of tuition. Details of award amounts are indicated in award notification letters.




Transfer students

Graduate students

Renewability length

Up to 10 semesters (5 years)

Depends on number of credits transferred

Up to 6 semesters (3 years)


Full-time status

  • Must meet admissions requirements
  • Maintain full-time student status for both fall and spring semesters
  • Minimum of 12 credits/semester (9 on campus) for undergraduate students
  • Minimum of 9 credits/semester (6 on campus) for graduate students

The full-time status requirement will be waived for the last term of attendance.

Priority status

Nonresident degree-seeking students pursuing their first undergraduate or graduate degree will be given priority in the NTW award considerations.

Summer and J-term

NTW awards may be granted for continuing students who wish to enroll in summer and J-term sessions. Full-time status is not required for summer and J-term sessions.

Academic good standing

Students must be in academic good standing as defined by university policy; students placed on academic probation may forfeit their NTW awards.

Transfer from a UW school

Nonresident students who wish to transfer to UW-Superior from a UW two-year college campus may apply for an NTW award. Transfer Nonresident students from other UW System four-year institutions may be eligible for an NTW award, depending based on individual circumstances.

Transfer from UW-Superior

Students enrolled at UW-Superior through the NTW Program and who wish to transfer and obtain a degree from another UW institution will be required to reimburse the UW System for fees previously remitted through the NTW Program.

Changes to NTW

The NTW Program is subject to legislative changes, interpretations and mandates.

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