New Freshmen

Tuition and Costs
  • Megan McGarvey

    As a Resident Advisor, I’ve gotten to connect with people from Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic and so many more. I really don’t think I would have gotten these connections at any other college. Read More
    Megan McGarvey
  • Marcia Drabek

    I have the ability to work full time and take classes full time as well. The flexibility has allowed me to utilize my time and graduate on schedule. Read More
    Marcia Drabek
  • Olivia Shalaby

    Being a journalist has been my dream for years. However, some days with everything going on I question myself to why I’m studying journalism. Coming into the station and working on stories reminds me of why I choose this path. I’m thankful that we have a place like this on campus. Read More
    Olivia Shalaby