New Freshmen

Tuition and Costs
  • Amber Heidenreich

    I feel more inspired and capable in my ability to create opportunities that benefit myself and others Read More
    Amber Heidenreich
  • Marcia Drabek

    I have the ability to work full time and take classes full time as well. The flexibility has allowed me to utilize my time and graduate on schedule. Read More
    Marcia Drabek
  • Michael Gray

    I appreciate all of the help I’ve gotten. If you put in the work, the instructors are always there for you. Read More
    Michael Gray
  • Ben Pettit

    Doing my show for 91 Jazz Street has been an amazing experience! I started doing my show in the summer of 2017 because a friend of mine told me it would be a great way to explore jazz. Even though I was reluctant at first, I found that being an on-air DJ was very enjoyable and enlightening. Before I worked at the station, I didn't listen often to jazz. Now, I absolutely adore jazz and feel comfortable playing it in on-campus ensembles. Read More
    Ben Pettit
  • Ashleigh Pickart

    The support I have received allows me to worry less about the finances and focus more on my studies. The scholarships hold so much meaning to me and make me feel honored to be a recipient. Read More
    Ashleigh Pickart