New Freshmen

Tuition and Costs
  • Megan McGarvey

    As a Resident Advisor, I’ve gotten to connect with people from Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic and so many more. I really don’t think I would have gotten these connections at any other college. Read More
    Megan McGarvey
  • Elise Ertle

    Since a young age I’ve been interested in aquatics and aquatic ecosystems. The scholarship support I receive puts me at ease and helps me work towards my goals. I hope to be able to give back to students working towards their goals one day with a scholarship. Read More
    Elise Ertle
  • Johnathan Erickson

    By receiving a Foundation scholarship my financial burden has lightened and I can focus on my academics and my music. The award boosted my confidence and reinforced my desire to give back to future generations as the teachers and donors at this university have done for me. Read More
    Johnathan Erickson