UW-Superior International Application Procedures

We welcome your interest in applying to UW-Superior! Follow the appropriate link below to learn how to apply.

Freshmen - Application procedures for international students who are in their final year of high school (secondary school) or who have completed high school (secondary school) but never enrolled as a full-time student at a college or university.

Transfer Students - Application procedures for international students who have obtained a high school (secondary school) diploma or the equivalent, have attended a college or university as a full-time student for one or more semesters and are now interested in admission to an undergraduate (bachelor degree) program.

Conditional Admission – UW-Superior offers conditional admission to students who have not met the English proficiency requirement. For more information, contact international@uwsuper.edu.

Graduate (Master's Degree) Students - Application procedures for international students seeking a graduate (Master's) degree.

Exchange Students - Application procedures for international students who intend to enroll at UW-Superior through one of our exchange partner programs, for example Hessen, Yonsei University or Ibaraki University.

Short-Term (Non-Degree) Students - Application procedures for international students who intend to study at UW-Superior for one or two semesters only.

Overseas U.S. Citizens - Application procedures for U.S. citizens living outside the U.S.