Transferring to UW-Superior - Future International Students

Does UW-Superior award credit for International Baccalaureate coursework or internationally-administered A-Level examinations?

Yes. Information about IB transfer credits can be found here. Students who have taken A-Levels are encouraged to submit their transcripts for guidance on how many credits they can expect to receive.

Who will evaluate my transcripts?

UW-Superior will do an initial evaluation of the transcripts of transfer students for students who have taken courses at post-secondary institutions outside of the U.S. In some circumstances, students may be required to have their transcripts evaluated by a credential evaluating service that is an accredited member of NACES.

What guidance can you give transfer students in general?

  • Make every effort to apply for and seek guidance about transfer credits as early as possible and definitely prior to enrollment at UW-Superior.
  • Application for transfer credits is made by submitting official and certified transcripts, credentials, mark sheets, or examination results, directly from the institution to UW-Superior.
  • Transfer credit evaluation may require submission of course syllabi (official explanation of course content) from the institution.
  • Applicants should not count on all courses qualifying for transfer credit.
  • Transfer credit will be given only for those courses that are identical or similar to the courses offered at UW-Superior.
  • A large number of transfer credits DOES NOT necessarily mean a student will complete a degree in a shorter length of time. Credits may transfer but not meet the requirements for the degree at UW-Superior.
  • The U.S. Undergraduate Degree usually entails a period of approximately two years of study in many diverse subjects. This period of study is called the "general education requirements" or the "core curriculum".
  • Completion of the general education requirements or core curriculum is followed by another period of study of approximately two years duration, in the major. Completing two years of coursework at an institution/university outside of the United States does not mean that you can complete a U.S. undergraduate degree in two additional years. In order to fulfill all requirements for the major, even students with many transfer credits may have to study three years to complete their U.S. Undergraduate Degree.

How can students figure out how long it will take to graduate?

Students should 1) refer to the UW-Superior course catalog, specifically about overall degree requirements, University Studies requirements and to the degree requirements of their intended major and minor as appropriate, and 2) seek guidance from Mark MacLean (