Placement Exams


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Non-native English speaking students, including one semester or one-year exchange students, who have submitted proficiency scores in the following ranges are required to take an English as a Second Language (ESL) placement exam.

TOEFL iBT: 61-81 TOEFL PBT: 500-550 IELTS: 5.5-6.0

Students transferring from the Global Language Institute, WESLI, ESL, or any other English language school, are also required to take the ESL placement exam. Students who are required to take the ESL placement exam do NOT take the regular English placement exam.

The ESL placement exam includes sections on writing, reading/grammar, listening and speaking. The results of the ESL placement exam will be used to determine how many, if any, ESL courses students will need to take. A maximum of four ESL courses worth a total of ten credits may be required.

If you are uncertain about what placement exam(s) are appropriate for you, please contact us.

English and Math

All degree-seeking students are required to fulfill English and math GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS. Before students can enroll in the appropriate, required English or mathematics courses, they must take the English and mathematics placement examinations. Students who are required to take the ESL placement exam also must take the math placement exam but do not take English placement exam. English, math and ESL placements will are administered shortly before the beginning of the semester.

Note that all degree-seeking students should take one or more English or ESL courses during their first semester at UW-Superior, and they are strongly recommended to fulfill the math requirement in the first one or two semesters.

All incoming international students must take 1) either the English or ESL placement exam AND 2) the math placement exam. The only exceptions to this requirement are the following:

Incoming freshmen who have submitted an original SAT or ACT score report will be automatically assigned an English placement. Such students have the option of taking the English placement test if they wish to place into a higher level course.

Transfer students who have received transfer credit by UW-Superior for mathematics and/or English course(s) are, in most cases, exempt from having to take the corresponding placement exam(s).

Exchange students* who are not required to take an ESL placement exam and who do not intend to take English or math courses do not need to take placement exams.

* For example, students attending UW-Superior through the programs of ,Yonsei University at Wonju, CONAHEC, Ibaraki University or IREX.

For more information about placement testing, please refer to Student Support Services. Students must ensure that they are registered for the correct placement exams in advance of their arrival to campus.