What to Bring

Packing is a challenge for many international students. Keep in mind that if you forget something, generally you can have it shipped or purchase it locally.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The residence halls do not provide bedding (sheets, blanket or pillow). All of these items can be purchased at a discount store upon your arrival for about $45 dollars. Towels are also not provided but can be bought here.
  • The average daily high temperature in the winter in Superior is 25 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should be sure to bring warm clothes. Relatively cheap clothes can be found here, but be sure you have enough to live comfortably during your first days and weeks.
  • Bring prescription medicine you might need while you are here - they tend to be very expensive in the US.
  • The World Student Association (WSA) holds a Cultural Night event each year. You might consider bringing some traditional clothing or items so you can show off your country!
  • Consider bringing music, recipes and/or pictures from home - both for you and to share with your American friends.
  • An alarm clock will be useful, especially during the first few days if you are tired from jet lag.
  • You should bring the equivalent of US$1,000 when you first arrive. It is recommended that you carry at least $300 in cash and the remainder in traveler's checks, American Express or Thomas Cook if possible. Remember that you will need the money for books and personal expenses, as well as to open a bank account after your arrival. It is also recommended that you exchange your money into US dollars before you arrive to Superior.
  • Incoming students will have a chance to go on at least one shopping excursion as part of the International Student Orientation during the week before the semester.
  • The following are things you will likely need. You can choose to bring them with you or buy them here: book bag, computer supplies, stationary (notebooks, pens, etc.), toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.), hangers, and lamp.  Keep in mind that the voltage in the U.S. is 110V.